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Oriental designs are quite popular in the world of tattoos. Among the many symbols and icons, animals are common choices. Koi fish tattoos in particular, are rather hot selections. These Japanese fish are chosen because of their ornamental and colorful appearance.

The traditional Japanese art of tattooing, known as Irezumi, is practiced by experienced masters who spend many years perfecting their skills. An Irezumi piece is usually worn by Japanese criminals, because Irezumi tattoos with a Koi fish design were thought to be signs of honor and the only men who verified themselves eligible of wearing these designs were the ones who had proven no fear in the face of certain danger.

Tattoo artists and customers alike are constantly looking for ways to turn traditional designs into designs that pop. The traditional Koi fish designs are made more spectacular through the use of new color selections and more vibrant colors. Each color has actually a specific meaning:

  • Silver, platinum or gold hues are believed to bring prosperity and wealth to someone’s home.
  • Koi fish with white and/or blue colors represent a son.
  • Pink colors indicate the presence of a daughter.
  • Kois with vibrant red colors stand for a loving mother and the love and affection that she gives to her family. It also represents power as well as bravery.
  • Black Kois symbolize a strong father, transformation and success.

Japanese myths include many tales about the Koi fish. It is believed to represent perseverance and endurance. This stems from the fact that this fish swims upstream, regardless of the flow and direction of the current.

However, these following symbols and meanings are also said to be symbolized by this beautiful Koi, including ambition, grace and elegance, prosperity and wealth, friendship and love, power and hidden strength.

The location for these tattoos is usually different for men and women. Men typically choose to have their tattoos put on their chest, upper arms or back area. Women usually choose the lower back or the ankle areas. Men and women also have a difference in the design.

Koi fish designs for men are usually more defined. They tend to choose more detailing. These types of tattoos can include scenes like a fish trying to swim up a stream. Women tend to choose more modest designs, like a simple free floating Koi. The fish in these designs will still be colorful, but there are not usually any scenes added.

There are many different options for Koi fish tattoos. You can choose the traditional versions that have wisps of water that suggest the fish is leaping out of the water. You can also select designs that incorporate Japanese symbols like the lotus flower, an alphabet symbol, or even a Japanese phrase symbol. If you are looking for originality, you also have a few different options.

When you want to design your own Koi fish tattoos, the best thing that you can do is check out different aspects of the Japanese culture. Adding a symbol or icon from the culture can make your design more unique. You koi fish tattooscan also choose to add other things like, for example, your Zodiac sign into the overall designs or even getting suggestions from your tattoo artists.

Koi fish tattoos can be as simple or as complex as you desire. Keep in mind, however, that larger tattoos will need to be put on a larger area. You should also remember that the more complex the design the longer you will be in the tattoo chair.

Regardless of which Koi fish tattoo you choose, these designs are a great way to show off your can-do attitude and resilient spirit. You can incorporate any element into it to create a tattoo that speaks to your personality. You are only limited by your own imagination.

In order to have access to the best Koi fish tattoos, first checking out the top online tattoo design galleries is always a good option, and it certainly helps to do some research to find a tattooist that has experience with Japanese tattoos.


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